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The Long Short Days
by Robert Taylor
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Robert Taylor’s stunning painting, beautifully captures a group of Bf109Gs from III./JG26, as they return to their forward base after a long fighter sweep along the Channel coast in early 1944.

Overall Print Size: 32” wide x 24” high
Image Size: 25 1/2

In his unmistakable style, and with inordinate skill, Robert deftly evokes a moment of rare tranquillity amidst the carnage of war as the lengthening sun glints across the frozen landscape during the short days of winter.

It was known as the Jagdverbände, the fighter arm of the Luftwaffe, and by June 1940 it boasted some of the world's greatest fighter pilots. With tactics honed to perfection, these battle-seasoned veterans dominated the skies of Europe.

But as the war progressed, the Luftwaffe fighter pilots faced another battle, the increasingly desperate war of attrition as the Allied air forces slowly, but inevitably, ground the German war machine into defeat. By early 1945 Allied air supremacy was overwhelming.

And yet despite the overwhelming odds, from within their ranks came the most successful air Aces ever to fly in combat - names such as Hans-Joachim Marseille, the top-scoring fighter pilot in the West, the legendary Erich Rudorffer who scored more multiple victories than any other pilot and of course the Fighter General, Adolf Galland, who achieved all of his 104 victories in the West.

In total more than 100 Luftwaffe fighter pilots are known to have scored 100 or more victories, and 568 Jagdverbände flyers became holders of the Knight’s Cross, Germany’s highest awarded military honor.

The prints in this new release are personally autographed by an outstanding collection of Luftwaffe fighter pilots who flew in those momentous air battles over Europe, including one of III./JG26’s most legendary commanders - General Walter Krupinski.

Since endorsing the edition with his signature, the General has sadly passed away giving even greater meaning to this new release and providing aviation art connoisseurs with a remarkable and valuable future collectors piece.
THE LIMITED EDITION: 250 prints individually hand-numbered and personally signed by the artist Robert Taylor together with TWO Luftwaffe fighter pilots who flew Me109's in the West:

Stabsgefreiter HUBERT-LUDWIG PFLAUM Iron Cross
Flew Me109's with II JG./53.

Feldwebel HEINZ RADLAUER Iron Cross 1st Class
flew Me109's & Fw190's with JG51 with 15 victories.

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