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Desert Hawks - The Artists Proofs
by Robert Taylor
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A classic Robert Taylor limited edition print paying tribute to Australia's latest airworthy Kittyhawk and the men who flew them during WWII.

Overall Print Size: 33" wide x 24" high.

One of the stalwarts of the Desert Air War over North Africa, the Kittyhawk saw service with the RAF, South African and American Air Forces, but none flew the type with more verve and courage than the Pilots of the Royal Australian Air Force.

Robert’s painting depicts a flight of Kittyhawks of No 3 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force- the first squadron to use Kittyhawks in the Desert Air War-on a strike mission in early 1942. No 3 Squadron RAAF was the first Australian Fighter Squadron into combat and the most successful RAAF Fighter Unit of World War II, operating entirely in the Middle East, Africa and Italy.

Equipped with Tomahawks from June 1941, No 3 RAAF was the first squadron in the Desert to achieve 100 victories, and continuing in combat throughout the fighting in North Africa, became the squadron with the highest number of air victories of the Desert Air Force Squadrons, producing no less than fourteen Aces.

Beautifully printed on the best quality French Art Paper, each print is signed and numbered by the artist. In addition each print carries the individual signatures of 3 Squadron Commanding Officers and Fighter Aces. An outstanding aviation print in every sense.

Artists Proofs number 1-50 – 6 signatures. 

This edition includes two additional signatures to the 5 signature edition and is issued with the pencil drawing DESERT SHARKS with 1 further signature ready for mounting with that print. A total of SEVEN signatures on two prints. 

Wg Cdr Andrew W Barr OBE MC DFC & bar – CO 3 Sqn RAAF
Wg Cdr Robert H M Gibbes OAM DSO DFC & bar – CO 3 Sqn RAAF, Wg Ldr 80 Wing RAAF
Gp Capt Peter Jeffrey DSO DFC MID – CO 3 Sqn RAAF, Wg Ldr 324 Wing, CO RAAF Bankstown, CO 75 Sqn RAAF, CO 76 Sqn RAAF, CO 2 OTU, CO 1 Wing RAAF
Gp Capt Alan C Rawlinson OBE DFC & bar AFC - CO 3 Sqn RAAF, CO 79 Sqn RAAF, Wg Ldr 78 Wing RAAF
Sqn Ldr Jack C Doyle DSO DFC & bar – CO 3 Sqn RAAF, CO 450 Sqn RAAF
Sqn Ldr P Murray Nash DSO DFC & bar – CO 3 Sqn RAAF





Desert Sharks

by Robert Taylor

Overall Print Size: 13" high x 16" wide.

Robert Taylor’s magnificent pencil drawing portrays Clive Caldwell’s Kittyhawk over the Libyan Coast, early 1942. Caldwell, CO of the famed 112 “Shark” Squadron flew along side 3 and 450 Squadrons’ RAAF as elements of 239 Wing - Desert Air Force. Together they wreaked havoc amongst Rommel’s advancing Afrika Korps and opposing Luftwaffe fighters.

Each copy of DESERT SHARKS comes complete with a ready to mount, original signature of Australia’s Top Scoring fighter Ace and the highest scoring allied fighter pilot of the North Africa campaign.

Gp Capt Clive R Caldwell DSO DFC & bar Polish Cross of Valour (Companion print) – CO 112 Sqn RAF, Wg Ldr 1 Wing RAAF, CO 80 Wing RAAF.

On 21 February 1942, one of the Luftwaffe's most successful desert fighter pilots Hans-Arnold Stahlschmidt was shot down in flames by Clive Caldwell. 

A quote from Hans-Arnold Stahlschmidt (59 Victories). 

"One of the leading Kittyhawks (Caldwell) had suddenly pulled up into a vertical position, hung briefly on it's propeller and fired just one burst".

A quote from Hans-Joachim Marseille (158 Victories) who witnessed Caldwell's adventurous attack. 

"It was a fabulous shot".

A quote from Bobby Gibbes (10 Victories)

"I saw what you were trying to do but never thought you could do it". 

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