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Print 8/19
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Malta George Cross - The George Cross Edition
by Robert Taylor
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Robert's aerial masterpiece portrays John Bisley RAAF in his Spitfire of 126 Squadron in combat with the Luftwaffe during one of the intense air battles over Grand Harbour in April 1942.

GEORGE CROSS EDITION: 150 signed and numbered prints

Issued with the main print Malta - George Cross and companion print HMS Illustrious plus two extra pencil prints Faith over Mdina and Night Eyes of Malta, extra signatures on the main print Malta GC, a signed facsimile copy of Flt Lt Parkinson's wartime diary of Malta.

Overall Print Size: 33" wide x 24" high.

Between the summer of 1940 and the end of 1942, Malta became one of the most bombed places on earth. The RAF's desperate fight to retain control of the diminutive Mediterranean island, and the defiant courage of the people of Malta, is one of the epic stories of World War Two.

Signed by SIX Pilots who flew Spitfires in defence of Malta,five of which are the only surviving Spitfire pilots who made Ace during the siege.

The Signatures:

Flight Lieutenant Ken Evans DFC (British)
Flight Lieutenant Ian Maclennan DFM (Canadian)
Flight Lieutenant Colin Parkinson DFC (Australian)
Flight Lieutenant Jack Rae DFC* (New Zealander)
Squadron Leader Arthur Roscoe DFC (American)
Flight Lieutenant Allan Scott DFM (British)

In this Edition, all copies of the main edition print Malta-GC are additionally signed by:

Squadron Leader Bam Bamberger DFC* - Hurricane Ace (British)
Squadron Leader Brian Hanfin DFC - Blenhiem pilot (Irish)
Squadron Leader Keith Lawrence DFC - Hurricane & Spitfire Ace (New Zealander)
Corporal James Savage - Sunderland crew member who delivered the GEORGE CROSS to Malta in May 1942 (Australian)

HMS Illustrious
by Robert Taylor

Overall Print Size: 20" wide x 16" high.

Companion Print to The Malta Edition signed by three additional pilots.

Total of NINE signatures.

The signatures include all 6 Spitfire signatures above plus:

Commander Mike Crosley DSC* Royal Navy - Sea Hurricane & Seafire Ace (British)
Lieutenant Commander Peter Twiss OBE DSC Royal Navy Fulmar & Seafire pilot (British)
Group Captain Billy Drake DSO DFC* RAF - Spitfire Ace (British)

Faith Over Mdina
by Robert Taylor

Companion print to The George Cross Edition Only.

Overall Print Size: 19" wide x 15" high.

The signatures of Faith Over Mdina, the only surviving Gladiator pilots from Malta:
Flight Lieutenant Charles Palliser DFC - Gladiator & Hurricane Ace (British)
Flight Lieutenant James Pickering AFC - Gladiator & Hurricane pilot (British)

Night Eyes of Malta
by Robert Taylor

Companion Print to The George Cross Edition Only.

Overall Print Size: 19" wide x 15" high.

Total of NINETEEN signatures.

The signatures on Night Eyes of Malta:

(Both crews scored victories in Beaufighter X7702 T )
Wing Commander Moose Fumerton DFC* AFC - Top scoring nightfighter over Malta (Canadian)
Squadron Leader Pat Bing DFC* - Fumerton's radar operator over Malta (Canadian)
Flight Lieutenant Merv Shipard DFC* - Nightfighter Ace over Malta & Top Scoring RAAF nightfighter WWII (Australian)
Wing Commander Doug Oxby DSO DFC DFM* - Shipard's radar operator over Malta (British)

The George Cross Edition includes an exclusive Wartime Diary!

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