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About Us

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  We hope you enjoy viewing the images and we look forward to serving you.

Yours sincerely,

John Rayner

Since the inception of our highly specialised art business in 1987, Aviation Art has undoubtedly established itself as the largest supplier of Military Gallery aviation and naval art prints in Australasia and the Southern Hemisphere!

We specialise in aviation artworks not only from around the world, but with a particular focus on the exploits of Australians at war in the air.

Consequently, we are the only online gallery to specialise in works covering the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

It is our practice that all prints sold by Aviation Art are issued with a certificate of authenticity stating the total quantity of prints issued in the edition, confirming authenticity of the signatures, and in the case of a limited edition, inscribed with the matching unique number inscribed on the individual print.

Buyers are advised to keep certificates safely as a future means of provenance.

What we offer
We have substantial stock of current releases and an extensive range of sold-out, secondary market prints available.

In addition to Robert Taylor, Nick Trudgian and Richard Taylor's work, we have many rare and interesting prints by other artists, some of which are autographed by legendary aviators who have not countersigned other works before.

Works we have commissioned
Over the years, we have commissioned several original paintings and subsequent print editions. We have funded organisations such as the Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellowship and the Darwin Aviation Museum by way of print sales.

The SMDF will provide an annual scholarship in the field of defence for a young Australian, and the Museum’s full size replica Spitfire became a reality.

On 18 February 1994, we re-united the surviving participants of Operation Jericho, the Amiens Prison raiders. Fifty years on, Amiens France, the gallant Mosquito and Typhoon crews met French Resistance survivors where the "Walls came tumbling down".

During 1999 we have assisted the Australian War Memorial Foundation via specially commissioned editions, one to aid the preservation of their famous WWII Lancaster - G for GEORGE of 460 Sqn RAAF.

This historic Lancaster completed 90 sorties over occupied Europe and today is one of only two Lancaster survivors with war history.

We also inspired Robert Taylor to portray “the other” Lancaster – S for SUGAR of 467 Sqn RAAF, in BAND OF BROTHERS. The 137 sortie veteran is preserved at the Bomber Command Museum in Hendon, UK. This project was in support of the RAF Bomber Command Association.

We are renowned for having "in house" stock and have earned a reputation for providing prompt, reliable service, both domestic and internationally.

Print Copyrights
The copyrights to all images on the Aviation Art website are jointly owned by Aviation Art and the artists. Reproduction of any image, via any media, for any purpose, without written permission of the copyright holders will constitute an infringement of copyright which will be vigorously pursued by the copyright holders.

It should be noted that the purchaser of an original painting or drawing does not acquire the copyright to that piece of art. Copyright always remains the property of the copyright holder unless transferred via a formal bill of sale.  

This Sceptered Isle
by Robert Taylor
Battle of Britain Spitfires
Hunters at Dawn